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​​​2016 Second Quarter

April 2016

On April 4th, Stephanie Dollschnieder, CEO and Mandy Meininger, VP Operations, delivered a comprehensive executive debriefing to some of the Ameren Missouri Executive Staff.  The debriefing included feedback and evaluation of the course/initiative from more than 900 participants.  Elements included the key behavioral changes that will be made as reported by participants of the GOING PRO, customer service training initiative.   The course was designed, developed, and facilitated by UpSwing during the first quarter of this year.  Recommendations for maximizing the return on investmentwere also included in the debriefing and executive summary. 

In May & June, UpSwing’s Janice Vietor, Senior Trainer/Facilitator, conducted the presentation and group discussion for the Nestlé-Purina PetCare, BOOK SERIES book,So Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport.  The sessions addressed strategies from the book, and personal application concepts for developing a fulfilling career. 

Earlier in the quarter UpSwing’s, Tina Carroll, Senior Trainer/Facilitator guided BOOK SERIES participants through a stimulating exploration of ideas from the book,The Politics of Promotion: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead by Bonnie Marcus.

Spire Energy (formerly, The Laclede Group) was provided with an executive debriefing presentation highlighting the effectiveness, key points and ROI for the training initiative entitled, Essential Skills for Working Foremen.  These workshops have been facilitated by UpSwing trainers in February of this year.  The course was designed and developed by UpSwing for union-represented supervisors, supervising union-represented employees within Spire. 

Attendees of the Raymond James Financial Services National Conference held in Nashville, TN were treated to an engaging one-hour presentation entitled Team Building is NOT Cliché. In the presentation, Stephanie Dollschnieder shared seven dysfunctional and seven beneficial team behaviors, and outlined steps forteam collaboration.  The audience of Branch Professional were then assigned “homework” to take back to their office: provide colleagues with meaningful feedback. Those who completed the assignment were sent a copy of Ms. Dollschnieder’s book, Contact, Care, COMMUNICATE: How Interpersonal Skills Are the Foundation of Genuine Customer Service.

Stephanie Dollschnieder delivered a presentation to the Ameren Illinois Leadership Team, (ALT) in June.  The presentation included a distilled version of results from the Ameren IL training initiative GOING PRO…Professional & Proactive Customer Connections.  Hard numbers and supporting data which offered measurable training success for the more than 1200 participants were also provided.  The UpSwing team also put together an Executive Summary as a take-away resource that illustrated the concrete changes being implemented as a result of the training.

In mid-May, Ms. Dollschnieder delivered Behavior Styles and Effective Teams, a three-hourworkshop designed for Nestlé-Purina PetCare’s Corporate Communication and Public Relations Organization personnel as part of the team’s Spring Break-Away. The job-specific workshop focused on behavior styles, beneficial team behaviors, team building tips, and collaboration strategies.

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