Stephanie Dollschnieder

Founder & CEO

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Mandy Meininger

VP of Operations

Providing expert performance improvement services around the globe.

Mandy Meininger is the Vice President of Operations for UpSwing Performance Improvement, Inc. Ms. Meininger is essential to the daily operations and administration processes of the business.  Responsibilities include managing departmental budgets; selection and oversight of vendors; client liaison for major accounts; and oversight of trademark, intellectual property rights and publishing concerns. Ms. Meininger is the logistics coordinator and client interface for UpSwing’s largest training initiatives, and manages the teams responsible for data entry and analysis.    


Knowledge, enthusiasm and an expertise in interpersonal communication are the hallmarks of our presentations. Some of our consultants are published in areas of customer service, presentation skills, teleconferencing techniques and effective facilitation.

Our learning philosophy stems from a deeply held belief that people are internally motivated and self-directed. We understand that when adults see the personal relevance and benefit of new information and skills, they will be self-motivated to learn.

 We work closely with our clients to obtain a clear and thorough understanding of their unique needs and provide truly customized solutions designed to genuinely meet those needs.

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Each of our consultative approaches is uniquely designed to address the real and expressed needs of the client. UpSwing consultants have worked with a wide variety of industries and institutions including corporate organizations, government agencies, and academia.

 About Us

Stephanie Dollschnieder is the founder and CEO of UpSwing Performance Improvement, Inc.  She has more than two decades of experience in the fields of employee and leadership development.  Ms. Dollschnieder is a dynamic and internationally sought after keynote speaker.  She is the author of Contact, Care, COMMUNICATE --How Interpersonal Skills Are the Foundation of Genuine Customer Service.

Our Passion for getting learning right…

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UpSwing Performance Improvement is a woman-owned consulting firm, that stands out from others through our commitment to the client; customized approach; and focus on necessary prerequisite communication skills.  

Janice Vietor

Director -- Learning Experience & Curriculum Design


Our Leadership

Janice Vietor joined the staff at UpSwing Performance Improvement in 2010.  As the Director -- Learning Experience & Curriculum Design with the firm, Janice brings a deep understanding of collaborating with diverse groups and a genuine ability to connect with clients. 

​​​​​​Putting our clients’ best interests first is what drives us to an exceptional level of service.  We strive to build relationships with our clients beyond surface-level connections.


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