Program Format​

Each of the six book selections is addressed in a two-part program.  

Participants attend a 60-90 minute presentation designed to introduce the group to the key concepts addressed in the book. Participants leave with a copy of the book selection (paper or e-version), and a short assignment.

During the ensuing month, participants will receive emails posing pertinent questions or providing stimulating ideas around issues raised and explored in the book. 

Approximately one month later, participants reconvene in a group for a 90 minute facilitated discussion of the book. We explore how key concepts relate to personal and professional lives, and ideas for real-world application of learning concepts. These sessions are interactive by design, and allow for discussion of specific projects, interests, or strategic objectives of the client organization.

Leaders may choose to attend one or more of the six book selection programs, based upon individual availability and personal development needs

Facilitated Book Series

The Executive Book Series is designed for mid- and senior-level leaders.  This program is a development option for the busy leader who may not have time for a lengthy course, but is looking for skill building and continued development around leadership and technical competencies.  

The program consists of six book selections addressed over the span of a year. Each book involves a two-month, two-part exploration, and includes two group sessions, as well as independent, self-paced work involving reading and various individual exercises. Reading selections for the series are made collaboratively with the client’s key competencies and strategic development needs in mind.