Hanna Rutter comes to UpSwing Performance Improvement with a diverse background.  She has been a top performer in a variety of roles and industries prior to her joining the team, as a Media Coordinator and Facilitator. 

Ms. Rutter’s early introduction to different languages and cultures lit a flame of interest in, and appreciation for, other differences which have informed her academic pursuits, employment choices, and personal aspirations. 

Ms. Rutter’s initial exposure to cultural differences began in infancy. Born to multi-lingual parents, with roots in the Dutch countries of Holland and 


Hanna Rutter

Belgium, she spent a good deal of time during her formative years living in Europe and learning Dutch, German and English.  Having moved to the US to begin grade school, she continued to spend each summer with relatives in Holland.

Ms. Rutter graduated from Drury University in mid 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and a minor in Fine Arts. 

Her understanding of human differences in culture, capabilities, strengths, interests, learning styles, and circumstances have contributed to a keen ability to engage and empathize with minority groups.  Prior to graduation she interned at a domestic violence shelter where she quickly became a valued member of the staff due to her demonstrated ability to engender trust with traumatized women and children.  She handled often sensitive and intimate in-take interviews, and made assignments of residents to case managers.  She also worked successfully with various government agencies to facilitate the acquisition of paperwork and requirements for re-immersion of residents into independent living. 

At an Equine Therapy center she worked with both physically and cognitively impaired client populations, and successfully matched clients with horses by skillfully analyzing compatibility between client needs and horse temperaments.

Aside from strong interpersonal skills, Ms. Rutter brings an understanding of social media influences, technology implications, and advocacy for ethical research and justice.  

Ms. Rutter co-presents UpSwing presentations and workshops in the areas of: Diversity and Inclusion; Managing Stress; Maximizing Strengths; and International Interaction.​