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Contact, Care, COMMUNICATE
How Interpersonal Skills Are the Foundation of Genuine Customer Service

Contact, Care, COMMUNICATE contains insights gleaned from over two decades of successful training, research and consultation in the field of customer service. Written by UpSwing founder and CEO, Stephanie Dollschnieder.

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Help Align Your Team for Success

​​by Lea Stojeba

Playing to Their Strengths

Shortstop, catcher, pitcher, mid-fielder. Each player in a game of baseball has strengths and skills which determine where in the game they’re best suited to help the team win. But without a winning strategy and a coach to lead the team to victory, even the sharpest-shooting team lacks the cohesion needed to bring their strengths together to secure a win.

While no self-respecting MLB team manager would make that kind of play, I see it happen all too often in the workplace. Executive leadership implements a game plan and gets management, human resources, and accounting team leads on board with the play-by-play course of action. Each department leader is invested in the outcome, but fail to communicate to their employees where they stand in the grand scheme of things.