Siobhan McDonagh

Siobhan McDonagh is the Director--OD Consulting and Solutions Management with UpSwing Performance Improvement, Inc. She performs a number of key roles including senior consultant, designer of learning and change programs, master facilitator and project manager in a variety of organizational development areas. She is certified in  MBTI®, DDI®, DiSC®, and is fluent in Spanish.

​For over 20 years Ms. McDonagh has developed deep and extensive insights into the operations of Fortune 500 companies in the US, Latin America, Australia and Europe. She began her consulting career with the former



Chrysler Corporation and designed and facilitated culture change initiatives nationwide.  During her tenure, Chrysler became DaimlerChrysler and Ms. McDonagh collaborated to ensure a smooth transition traveling to Europe to consult with executives. 

Her penchant for excellence in customer service was established at Domino’s Pizza where she was quickly recognized as a role model for customer service while rising from internal accounting functions, to pizza store liaison, to general manager of the Northern California Distribution Center.  At Peabody Energy, Ms. McDonagh collaborated on the design of its signature leadership development program.  At, she was instrumental in working with Human Resources to measure and track the impact of engaged employees on the bottom line.

Ms. McDonagh earned her B.A. degree in Spanish Language and Literature, with a concentration in Business Administration from Saint Louis University. She later earned her Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.  Eventually she began teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the Master’s level for the University of Phoenix.  She also served the University as an Area Chair for Strategic Planning and Leadership in St. Louis and on the University’s MBA Planning Committee.

At UpSwing Ms. McDonagh has been able to bring these areas of expertise together with her work on design, development and facilitation of large-scale training initiatives in customer service and loyalty, and culture change.