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​We have gone completely mobile. 

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Our consultants, speakers, and trainers take into consideration your corporate culture, pressing political issues, market trends, pertinent strategic plans, and personal development goals.  From there, we create a plan for achieving the desired learning objectives.  

Our Services

​​UpSwing services are designed for optimal learning. Because of this, we offer a variety of delivery methods, each customized toward our clients' specific learning styles. 

Keynote Presentations

Let us make a masterpiece of your message.

Whether you are looking for a speaker to present to a group of ten or a thousand, our speakers bring a dynamic, articulate and engaging style that will leave your audience remembering and discussing the message long after the presentation is concluded.

Workshops & Training

Our instructional design team combines real world scenarios with thought provoking activities, exercises, case studies and dialogue. 

Our workshops offer a tailored curriculum designed by formal needs analysis results and our clients' expressed needs.  We bring a refreshingly non-generic approach to the training experience through our instructor led and blended learning programs.

Group Intensives

Helping you and your team eliminate barriers and surpass expectations. 

​Intensive sessions are often conducted to resolve internal conflicts, increase understanding of group dynamics, or help clarify a mission or initiative.  These sessions are outcome-focused, and generally result in a very specific action plan for the target group.  

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Consulting Services

We'll help navigate the path to achieve your personal goals & organizational objectives.

Our consultants have a keen sense of how corporate culture impacts and governs learning, employee behavior, productivity and morale.  We work closely with client organizations by drawing on their knowledge and experience; understanding their strategic learning objectives; and lending our own expertise in the performance improvement process.

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Facilitated Book Series

Ideal for busy executives who seek ongoing leadership development.

The Executive Book Series is designed for mid- and senior-level leaders.  The program is a development option for the busy leader who may not have time for a lengthy course, but is looking for skill building and continued development around leadership and technical competencies.  

Executive Coaching

We have been guiding leaders to new heights for over 20 years.

Connection is most often the basis to establishing the trust required for a successful coaching experience.  Because we take this concept seriously, we offer the first one-hour introductory session at no charge.  If both the coach and client feel there is a “fit,” we then work with the candidate to set individualized goals and timeline.

Let us help you meet your strategic learning objectives!