"UpSwing's services helped my team function at a higher, more effective level with better communication with both our internal client groups as well as our external customers.  We were even invited to share our successes at the 2017 CS Week Conference as a result of their work and guidance."

Chris Silies
Director of Workload Planning
Spire Energy


"...through the work with Stephanie I have learned that I  can hold people accountable and work together in challenging situations and still make progress while maintaining a positive leadership shadow."

"With Stephanie's guidance, I was able to narrow the focus of a presentation and present a compelling story...  Stephanie really made this simple with a presentation format that was easy to follow...Not only was this effective for that presentation, I've used it several times since then and received a lot of positive feedback."

"This work and partnership have really helped me to become a more confident and compelling presenter whether on video, with two key leaders or in person before 400 people."

Jennifer Lindsay
SVP, Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics  
Commerce Bank

"Ms. Dollschnieder and I continue to have coaching sessions focused on a variety of skills that are essential for my career goals (communication, confidence, trust, executive presence, etc.).  One of the things that I appreciate most about Ms. Dollschnieder is her willingness to share tough feedback.  She absolutely will tell me when I am not doing my best or when I have made a mis-step. She uses all of these as coachable moments to make me better.  I am fortunate to have her as a coach and I value her feedback so much."

Jennifer Upton
SVP Manager Strategy & Innovation
Commerce Bank 

"[We received] positive feedback from all participants. A very successful training!"

Liz Hartman
Director of Human Resources
The Magic House
St. Louis Children's Museum

"UpSwing Performance Improvement truly gave our organization the insight it needed to understand how we can influence our customers through effective communications."

Mike McCormick
Prinicpal HSE Engineer

"I continue to utilize the presentation skills and frameworks she provided me.  In addition to logistical advice, Stephanie helped me gain confidence in my potential and encouraged me to advocate for myself.  I have leveraged her input in several key discussions I have had regarding my contributions and future endeavors.  I now consider Stephanie a trusted advisor, who I know would welcome my outreach if I should need her support in the future."

Maureen Schwartz
VP Consumer Lending & Payments - Servicing 
Commerce Bank


« Ces 6 derniers mois, durant lesquels j'ai pu mettre en œuvre les principes du leadership que vous m'avez enseignés, m'ont permis de comprendre, de soutenir et d'accompagner mes collègues de la Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (Caf) dans une perspective de développement de leur performance et de leurs compétences.

Cette expérience et ces connaissances resteront, j'en suis certaine, de solides piliers dans ma vie professionnelle ainsi que dans ma vie privée et je vous suis extrêmement reconnaissante de mes les avoir offertes.

C'est donc sans aucune hésitation que je recommanderais le coaching d'UpSwing à toute entreprise désireuse de créer ou d'entretenir un réel "esprit d'équipe", de permettre à ses employés de croire en eux, en leurs compétences et de les développer. »

Karine Joulia
Conseillère Technique en Parentalité                                         
Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (Caf)


We thought we would let our clients speak for themselves.​..

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"We are now on the threshold of delivering exceptional customer service with the concepts and tools UpSwing Performance Improvement provided.  They have given us the opportunity to begin the conversation about who and what we want to be in terms of delivering the type of customer service that drives loyalty."

Tim Sanders, PE
Superintendent, Field Operations, Scheduling and Planning 
Ameren Missouri 

"[Our UpSwing speaker] has been a favorite at our annual environmental and safety conferences for several years now. I have been impressed by her flexibility to make a presentation on a topic of our choosing, or if the topic is left up to her, to select a topic that is timely and relevant to our group. She is entertaining and always injects some fun into an otherwise dry technical meeting. Meeting evaluations overwhelmingly include requests to bring her back the following year."

Laura Andrew
Director Environmental Engineering
Sara Lee Bakery Group

"Increased morale. Created buy-in of the team in operating differently in the future-- to aid in both operating more efficiently as well as minimizing conflict with another unit. Allowed my team to take more responsibility for their unit's functions, reducing the level of oversight needed on my part-- reducing stress for all."

Lisa Drake
Chief Actuary
Jackson National Life

"I must say that when we met some four months ago I was skeptical about that value I could achieve from personal coaching in this area. Looking back, I feel it has been one of the best investments I have made."

Richard Evans, CLU, ChFC, LLIF, FLMI
Senior Vice President, Advisory Sales
MetLife--Gen America

English Translation: “These last 6 months, during which I have been able to implement the principles of leadership that you have taught me, have allowed me to understand, support and accompany my colleagues at the Office of Familial Monetary Allocations (Caf) with a view to developing their performance and their skills.

This experience and knowledge will remain, I am sure, solid pillars in my professional life, as well as in my private life, and I am extremely grateful to you for having offered them.

Therefore it is without any hesitation that I would recommend UpSwing coaching to any company wishing to create or maintain a genuine "team spirit", to encourage its employees to believe in themselves, in their skills and to develop.”

Karine Joulia
Parenting Technical Advisor
Office of Familial Monetary Allocations (Caf)

"I can tell you with 100% certainty that it [UpSwing training] is making a difference, as I have an appreciable increase in complimentary letters and phone calls from our customers following the training."

Thomas Reitz
Superintendent of Service and Division Operations
Spire Energy 

"Quite honestly I can't point to anything that could have been done better. The UpSwing staff are great to work with and very helpful and on the ball. From the feedback forms it is apparent the facilitators did an outstanding job and the information provided was relevant to those in attendance. UpSwing handling the logistics is a huge load off our operating groups and very much appreciated. The feedback says it all. The marks were incredibly high, as they have been in the past. The written materials were on point and relevant and the facilitators were engaging and well-received by audience members. The debrief meeting provided a good overview of program and results and the summary materials I received provided a greater understanding of the benefit this training provided.

LaDawn Ostmann
Director, Labor Relations & Training
Ameren Energy Delivery Missouri

"Our work group was formed from a merger of four companies.  Although we were all in the same business, the companies we came from had different communication styles and cultures.  Our facilitator took time to get to really know us and helped us really get to know each other.  She helped us recognize how best to communicate with each individual on the team.  The class was energetic, fun and really helped to get our group on the same team going in the same direction.  Now we are a cohesive team who work together to help each other achieve the group goals."  

Randy Donaldson

Manager -- Technical Training